Our Early Preschool curriculum incorporates the first steps necessary to prepare children for preschool, kindergarten and beyond!  This program begins moving from child care toward a more structured educational format in preparation for preschool as children expand their ability to sit and listen for longer periods of time.

Our developmental program, includes enrichment programs for Musical Beginnings, Developmental Milestone and Reading Readiness.  We also incorporate key elements from the Creative Curriculum for Preschool, which focus on intentionally teaching through small group interactions.

Developmental growth is reinforced through teacher-led play.  For example, when focusing on a “Dinosaurs” theme featured activities and lessons could be:

Song: We Are the Dinosaurs-Marching, Marching
Book: Dinosaur Dig
Arts & Crafts:Creating a paper plate Stegasaurus
Math: Graph Your Favorite Dinos
Science: Digging for Dinos in the Sand

Two-year-olds will participate in hands-on activities while learning how to solve problems by creating solutions - all by themselves!  Working independently, participating in teacher-directed activities and as part of a small peer group builds their confidence and self-esteem while fostering their ability to communicate their own likes and dislikes. 

Every child is treated as an individual and encouraged to follow their unique developmental path.  As your child shows an interest in potty-training, teachers will partner with parents in helping children to accomplish this important milestone.  Consistency is a key to potty-training and an encouraging environment exists to support you and your child during this sometimes frustrating period.

Lesson Plans are designed to address each of the developmental areas including: Sensory & Perception, Personal & Social, Creativity & Arts, Physical, Cognitive, and Language & Communication. 

Classrooms are center–based learning environments.  Children move through these areas as they explore, discover and expand their interests.  Examples of some areas are: Dramatic Play Center, Family Center, Transportation Center, Building Center, Reading Center and Computer Center.  These learning areas are filled with fun and age-appropriate puzzles, manipulatives, games and toys. 

Learning is not just limited to the classroom.  Overhills Child Development Center facilities have large outdoor playgrounds and often indoor gyms for little one’s to run, jump and slide their way to physical fitness and gross motor skill development.

It may look like child’s play to you, but there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes!  Social development advances while critical thinking and rationalization skills become more sophisticated.  Stimulating and fun activities are used to develop a life-long love of learning.

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