Discover the Benefits of a Private Junior Kindergarten Program

Each child is unique, and every family has different needs for their child’s education experience.  At Overhills Child Development Center our programs are designed with flexibility to support individual rates of development and styles of learning.  We provide an atmosphere where each child feels secure in their environment and loved by all.  At one of our Overhills location we offer a private junior kindergarten program. 

The private junior kindergarten program is an expressed accelerated program designed to give our children a kindergarten kick-start.  Our curriculum, with major emphasis on the 3 E's: Exposure, Enrichment and Exploration, is designed to provide a developmental program based on a sequence of skills.  The program will assist the children in achieving the first two semesters of the NC public kindergarten goals and objectives.  Strong emphasis is placed on literacy, writing, spelling, and math.  Students practice penmanship and have many opportunities to enjoy several types of literature. They are also exposed to advanced concepts in science and social studies which are integrated throughout the curriculum.  We hold fast to the key characteristics of what makes a quality junior- kindergarten program. Here are just a few of the many reasons our private junior-kindergarten program provides a superior learning environment:

Nine reasons to consider our private junior kindergarten program:

·         Our curriculum is based on the Academic Content Standards for Kindergarten in the areas of English, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music and dance that have been adopted by the NC Department of Public Instruction.

·         We offer hands-on activities that provide extended opportunities for discovery. Play and discovery gives children the chance to learn at their own pace and maintains children’s interests, enabling them to learn new skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

·         In addition to academic content, our program includes activities in social/emotional development, technology, art, music and physical education.

·         We offer small class sizes and low teacher to child ratios, where children are able to receive more individualized attention necessary to better foster social skills such as cooperative play, getting along with others and taking turns.

·         We utilize the Reading Mastery curriculum, which teaches all the skills non-reading children need to master the basics of beginning reading. We also use leveled reading books where students read with the teacher in small groups, helping to develop reading and writing skills.

·         We use the Everyday Mathematics program, which focuses on real-life problem solving, provides a balance between whole-class and self-directed learning, emphasizes communication, facilitates of school-family cooperation and encourages appropriate use of technology.

·         Each individual child has their own dry erase board to practice writing words and keeps a journal in order to encourage creative writing and illustrating.

·         All meals, are included in the cost of the program.

·         Program is affordable for all families


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